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Preveli: Α famous beach in southern Crete

Preveli is the most famous beach in southern Crete, and welcomes thousands of visitors, who admire the unique natural environment and the ultimate sense of relaxation it offers. It is located about 35 km south of Rethymnon and besides the famous homonymous monastery has a magnificent beach, a large palm forest with palm trees of Theophrastus, a river named Great River and the exit of  an impressive gorge named Kourtaliotiko.      
The earliest date associated with the monastery is the year 1594, while its  name is due to monk Preveli  who was the renovator of the monastery. On the shores of the Grand River is the palm forest,  which burned down two years ago (2010), but surprisingly returned to a large extent in a short time. The river is transformed into a lake 1.5 km long, before flowing into the sea and is full of water all year round. You can walk along the river under the shade of palms and other trees, and begin to climb the great canyon. At the exit of the river  a sandy beach with pebble bottom and really cool waters due to the river are waiting for you . In the eastern side  of the beach there is a beautiful rock that is look like a mast. Fortunately, the whole area is slightly organized.
Source: lexifilia.blogspot.gr

Πέμπτη, 28 Ιουνίου 2012

The Lassithi Plateau: Τhe land of Zeus

The Lassithi Plateau is associated with the legend of  the birthplace of gods and is certainly a place favored by nature. From the few areas of the Mediterranean with permanent habitation at an altitude of 800 m, the plateau of Lassithi, with a healthy climate, is opened to the western sides of Mount Dikti in eastern Crete. Its dimensions are 11 km across the axis of East - West and 6 km across the axis North - South, it covers an area of ​​25 sq. km. and hosts 16 villages. One of the most impressive sights of the plateau is Psychro Cave, located approximately 1 km southwest of the homonymous village. Some scholars associate the cave with the known from mythology Andron Cave, where, according to ancient mythology, Zeus was born and raised with the assistance of Amalthea and  Kourites, or with stories like the seer Epimenides who "slept" here or the union of Zeus and Europe.

Source: lexifilia.blogspot.gr

Gaidouronisi: The magic of simplicity

The Gaidouronisi (Donkey island) or "Chrissi" is one of the most beautiful uninhabited islands around the Crete, about 8 nautical miles south of Ierapetra on the Libyan Sea. Chrissi is almost level and its main characteristic is  the plethora of shells lying on the northern beach named "Belegrina", along with many golden beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and the famous cedar forest, which covers an area of ​​350 acres with an average of 14 trees per acre, aged 200 years!
The entire island has a maximum length of 5 km and a maximum width of 1 km.  The highest part is the "Kefala" hill  with an altitude of 31 meters. It takes about one hour trip  from the port of Ierapetra to reach there, where turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, magical sunsets and a unique ecosystem are waiting to amaze you and steal your heart. However, bear in mind that you are not allowed to pollute, collect shells and rocks, move outside the restricted pathways and camping.

Source:  lexifilia.blogspot.gr

Τρίτη, 26 Ιουνίου 2012

Elafonisi: An exotic paradise

Elafonisi is a small island separated from  the mainland by a lagoon just a meter deep. The sand is white, while in many places has a pink hue from the thousands of broken shells in it. The waters are crystal clear, the blue-green color of the sea will remind you of exotic paradise, and at the south coast you'll find many small and beautiful beaches. It is a protected area by Natura 2000 network because of its uniqueness. It lies 75 km south from Chania and will take about 1.5 hours to get there. Elafonissi receives thousands of visitors each summer, especially in July and August when visitors are about 2500 daily!

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Δευτέρα, 25 Ιουνίου 2012

Vai: A unique palm forest

The palm forest of Vai is one of the most popular places in Crete and one of the most beautiful and special places throughout the Mediterranean. It attracts thousands of visitors each year not only for its beautiful palm forest, but also for its long sandy beach of golden sand in front of the forest. The forest now occupies an area of ​​approximately 250 acres and is the largest in Europe. Protected by the Forest Service, the European Union and the relevant conventions. It is characterized as "Aesthetic Forest", one of 19 in Greece, and as "specially protected area," according to Protocol 4 of the Barcelona Convention for the protected areas of the Mediterranean. It is located 24 km east of Sitia.

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Σάββατο, 23 Ιουνίου 2012

Agios Nikolaos: Α cosmopolitan resort

Agios Nikolaos is an international and cosmopolitan resort that welcomes thousands of visitors. The "Lake" is the most beautiful jewel of the city. According to old legends Athena and Artemis bathed in its waters, while many people argue that the lake has no bottom! It binds to the sea by a narrow channel, while the natural surroundings of red rock and trees turns into a major tourist attraction for visitors. In the small theater of the lake, locals and visitors alike can enjoy interesting artistic events. Cosmic cafeterias, charming coffeehouses and taverns, restaurants, numerous bars and clubs offer a variety of entertainment opportunities for every wallet.

Sitia: Αn amphitheatre to the sea

Sitia looks like an amphitheatre to the sea and is a beautiful destination for all seasons. Its name comes from the name of the ancient city: Itida, while the splendid natural scenery attracts the attention of visitors. Atmosphere of peace and surrender, with the open sea to accompany you wherever you are, traditional Cretan hospitality, rich archaeological treasure and long cultural traditions make this place revelation to the visitor.

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Koules dominates Heraklion

The castle which is more known as Koules is located at the entrance of Heraklion harbor and was built by the Venetians. The earthquake of 1303 destroyed the old building, and what you see in this picture  was built around 1530.
Within the castle there were warehouses, prisons and rooms where guards were living. In the upper area, there are bastions for mounting cannon. The upper parts and the base of the minaret are a Turkish intervention. Externally, in the main aspects of the fortress,  embossed lions are dominating.
It is open for the public and the top has shaped as an outdoor theater. The name Koules is Turkish. The Venetians called it Rocca al Mare.

Chania: A perfect harmony

Chania - Crete - Greece

The beautiful city of Chania, where modern, Venetian, Turkish and traditional architecture are blended together in perfect harmony, creating a unique and attractive image. Archaeological sites, villages, churches, caves, canyons and beaches adorn the attractive and full of charm Chania.

Source: http://lexifilia.blogspot.gr

Rethymnon: An aristocratic appearance

The town of Rethymnon still maintains its old aristocratic appearance, with buildings dating from the 16th century, arched doorways, stone staircases, Byzantine and Greco-Roman remains, small Venetian harbor and narrow streets. Incredibly beautiful city with plenty of entertainment choices and magical journeys to the past!

Source: http://lexifilia.blogspot.gr

We go on

Sorry for the delay, some things passed over me. But, never mind. Life is beautiful. Crete is beautiful. Look, for example, Heraclion from above. Source of the picture is www.airphotos.gr. We go on...

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60,000 in Matala

Matala was crowded   during the weekend   6th-7th of the month for  the “ Matala Festival 2012”. 60,000  people participated the festival, and declared  pleased by the excellent organization, the number of concerts, the number of activities, but also the readiness shown by the organizing committee in all matters.
On the eve of the festival until late Monday, the world gave the pulse to a unique live scene, which was active from noon until the early morning hours.
Paul Pavlidis, Tony Sfinos, Despina Olympiou, Doors Tribute Band, Panagiotis Tsakalakis, Michael Tzouganakis,  Panos Mouzourakis, Apostolos Valaroutsos, Johnny Vavouras, Peter Karrie and hundreds of other artists marched to center stage and the other two scenes of the festival.
Totally satisfied with the outcome of the festival was both the organizational committee and the Mayor of  Phaestos  Mrs.Maria Petrakogiorgi -Anyfantaki .

Source: www.neakriti.gr

Prefect of Crete meets Chinese officials

The assessment that the next five years the majority of Chinese tourists coming to holiday abroad would prefer Greece and particularly Crete, made jointly today by the Prefect of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis and general manager of the Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Lin Songtian (Above,picture from the meeting).
The Chinese official who visited the Prefecture Office discussed with Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis major perspectives that exist to further increase exports Cretan agricultural products in China, but also tourists from China to our country.
"We are continuing our efforts to attract Chinese tourists and the export of agricultural products in China. Today's meeting was important after the recent visit I had at the embassy of China in Athens, I think the next five years will be a five-year development of relations between China and Crete to promote our products and to attract tourists to our island " Region said, adding: "The estimate is that from time to unblock the process of visa,200 000 Chinese tourists can come immediately  on holiday in the island."
The Chinese official expressed once more in the gratitude of the Regional Director for the company that erected on the island to transport thousands of Chinese citizens from Libya to China via Crete.
"Greece is the best ally of China to the European Union. Today there is great potential for cooperation in tourism and exports. Recently has increased the standard of living of Chinese citizens so many more now have the opportunity to holiday abroad. The largest proportion of Chinese tourists will prefer to Greece and Crete, "said Lin, adding:" There is an air interface randomly Beijing-Athens via Air China. We also know the excellent quality olive oil you and your wine,  especially red. China is open to Greek commerce. "

Παρασκευή, 8 Ιουνίου 2012

"Blue Flags": Greece at the second position in the World

Greece has won second place in the world among 48 countries in terms of the cleanest beaches. In fact , Creece “won” 394 blue flags for its beaches and 9 for other marinas.

The award was presented by the International Commission for Environmental Education (FEE) and the results were announced at Thursday  by the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN), which is the National Operator of the International Program "Blue Flag" .

The International Environmental Education is an international organization that has headquarters in Denmark and has 63 countries - members. For 2012 specifically, awarded 3179 beaches and 659 marinas worldwide.

The territories  that “won”  the most Blue Flags in 2012 in Greece is still Lassithi and the Dodecanese, with 40 beaches and 37 respectively.

In Halkidiki, the flag will be flown at 35 beaches (ie 5 more than last year).

At the municipal level remains the first 35 winners Corfu coast, Rhodes second and third with 32 to 25 Chania.

Here are the 18 Rethymno, Heraklion with 14, and 11 to Kefalonia.

The 9 marinas to accommodate the blue flag, identified as follows: 2 in Chalkidiki, Attica 2, one in Corinthia, one on Corfu, one of Lasithi and finally one in Kos.

Note that the top of the list is Spain with 511 Blue Flag beaches and marinas in 92 others.
Source: www.247.gr

How astronomers saw the transit of Venus from Crete

In Skinakas (Ida mountain  or Psiloritis, 1750 meters above sea level) which is famous for its excellent astronomical observing conditions, astronomers watched the rare phenomenon of the transit of Venus in front of the sun in the morning Wednesday, June 6.

At the time of transit Greeks and eight amateur astronomers who had all come from abroad to photograph the phenomenon took beautiful photographs of the phenomenon which will be repeated once in the year 2117! Here are  two of the many photographs taken using special filters which allow only specific wavelengths to pass, thus making visible, beyond Venus and other phenomena on the Sun.

The left image was taken with the 30cm telescope wide field Skinakas Observatory. In front of the telescope was installed solar filter. Thus, apart from the disk of Venus, which stands as the biggest black spot on the right, we have the opportunity to admire and sunspots, which appear as many small and uneven black kiliditses associated with magnetic fields of the Sun.

The right image was taken by amateur astronomer foreign filter Ha line of hydrogen and allows us to see beyond the Venus (round black spot) and the heterogeneity of the solar chromosphere (the chromosphere lies above the photosphere. The photosphere is the top layer the Sun from which the emitted visible light).

Head of group photo of Skinakas Observatory was Dr. Makis Paleologos, University of Crete.

Πέμπτη, 7 Ιουνίου 2012

www.biz2crete.gr: A fine Cretan products’ market

Another step to the development of cooperation between enterprises of Crete through the use of local production, took place yesterday evening at the Chamber of Heraklion, where was the second Cretan Products Promotion Forum.
During the event there was a detailed presentation of the online platform that enabled by the four chambers of Crete, through which transactions Cretans fresh agricultural products can be reality.
The specific platform is at www.biz2crete.gr  is  free and provides the opportunity for producers and representatives of business standardization Cretan products both owners and hotels, pubs, restaurants and supermarkets also to sell and  buy respectively, electronically Cretan products.
The event presented by the participants in aim to better linking production and consumption in Crete that will be easier by the use of the platform.
Attending the event were representatives of all four chambers of Crete as well as the President of the Annex of Crete of Geotechnical Chamber, Mr. Alekos Stefanakis, Deputy Mayor of Heraklion, Mrs. Angela Schinaraki and Deputy Mayor of Heraklion Mr. Michael Perisynakis.
In his speech the President of the Chamber of Heraklion Mr. Manolis Alifierakis said that local products are of unparalleled quality and must be supported by local businesses to become better known to foreign visitors and residents of Crete. "We need to overcome any barriers between us and establish business credit. Our land has potential and we have a responsibility to use them, "said Mr. Alifierakis.
The President of the Chamber of Chania Mr. Yiannis Margaronis emphasized the need for coordination of actions and Chambers can and should play a leading role in it and said "we urge all operators to work together and use the platform to conduct wholesale (B2B) to be sell or buy products».
The President of the Chamber of Rethymnon Mr. Yiorgo Yakoumakis noted that "Crete has its own dynamics and appropriate conditions to pioneer and cover more steps to achieve balanced economic development, not only based on heavy industry, tourism but in other sectors of the economy ".
Vice President of the Chamber of Lasithi, Mr. Manolis Papadakis said that "the shift to the Cretan products is obvious advantageous for us all. The Cretan chambers aim for highlighting their strengths and create a stream of real personal consumption in the local market. "
To restore the local value chain and development strategy through actions in the public interest was reported by the Director of HPC Technical Schools Chamber of Heraklion, Mr. Michael Katharakis.

The event was supported operators: Region of Crete, Chania Chamber, Chamber of Rethymnon, Lasithi Chamber, Geotechnical Chamber/ Annex of Crete, Cretan Association of Hotel Managers, Hotel Association of Heraklion, Crete Chefs Association, Association of Olive Oil, Network of Cretan Olive Oil, Open Partnership for Tourism Development and Network of Winemakers of  Crete. 

Note: Photos are from the event.

Τετάρτη, 6 Ιουνίου 2012

A magnificent exhibition is taking place in Crete

The international exhibition "The world is changing-Climate Change: The threat to Life and a New Energy Future" opened tonight. The exhibition is taking place in the International Exhibition Centre of Crete (located in Gouves of Herssonissos, about 15 km outside Heraclion) and it’s organized by the Greek Centre for Marine Research (HCMR )and the Aquarium of Crete (“Cretaquarium” – “Thalassocosmos”) with the collaboration of the Region of Crete.
The exhibition is the brainchild of world-famous American Museum of Natural History in New York. They created it in cooperation with universities, museums and institutions around the world.
The Prefect of Crete Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis in his address thanked the scientific community and “Thalassocosmos” for their initiative in organizing the international exhibition, said among other things: "The Region of Crete supports and promotes all major events held on the island and on the environment, knowledge and culture.  The Prefect of Crete also stressed that the exhibition including enhance the tourist product of the island, and has educational and cultural dimension.
The exhibition will run until the end of September.
The site of “Thalassocosmos” is www.cretaquarium.gr and exhibition’s is: http://myithaka.nl/climategr/.

 Thank you,
Nico Angelakis

Τρίτη, 5 Ιουνίου 2012

Honored by the city of Ayios Nikolaos

 Moved to tears and full of joy departed today from Ayios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) City Hall,  Kevin and Yvonne Nutland. Mayor Dimitris Kounenakis   honored them with a diploma, for the love showing to the place, and for visiting and residing continuously in the last 17 years! (The photograph is from the award of the diploma).
Kevin and Yvonne Nutland arrived at City Hall accompanied by their loved ones and friends Natasha and Spiros Paterakis. Natasha and Spiros had not been told the reason for their visit to City Hall. They kept it for surprise.
The Mayor welcomed them and the two British friends of Crete reported having confidence in the Greek tourism stressing that they love Greece and especially Crete and Mirabello. They said it is the place where they feel secure, calm and above all appreciate the immense love and hospitality they offer “Ayionikoliotes” (the habitants of Ayios Nikolaos) friends. As said, nowhere else in the world, wherever they traveled, they have not met the security offered by Crete.
During their conversation with the mayor, said that in their opinion, the economic crisis has not affected the quality of tourism and not to express the slightest complaint. They pointed out that even all these years, only kindness and hospitality they have received from residents of the city, and these are very important to remember them and greet even their first names when walking the streets.
For Greece's image in Europe reported that the media and especially in England broadcast the news with very excessive way. He added that the problem of the crisis not only in Greece but throughout Europe. "Our feelings for Greece will never change”, they said.
 The mayor pointed out the comparative advantages of the region and specifically talked about the award-winning beaches, charming villages of the hinterland and the value of Cretan cuisine and local products.
Mr Kounenakis  gave to Kevin and Yvonne Nutland gifts also and wished them always be well to visit Ayios Nikolaos.

Spinalonga: Historic and Contemporary Value

Taking occasion from the artistic intervention of Costas Tsoklis, “Essi o telephteos Lepros”, (“You, the last leper "), in Spinalonga, I make a personal reference to this famous island of the Gulf of Mirabello.

For the first time I heard Spinalonga was in my nine years. Then the teacher, at the lesson of geography, told us about the lepers and their own, silent, bitter, unthinkable reality that they were living.

I remember, she told us about the church of Aghios (Saint) Panteleimon, which exists on the island, is built with the temple facing west, so patients residents wanted to show their pessimism about life and their regret that they would leave from this world.

But we were also told that Spinalonga was an organized place. The lepers had their own parliament, their own President, their own services and jobs, their priest, their democracy and indeed functioned flawlessly. Also, I read recently that, children born in the island from patients of Hansen's disease, parents who grew up them healthy, without those children develop the disease.

The first time I saw Spinalonga, was at my ten years. I saw from the opposite coast of Plaka village. I went there with my parents to eat fish at one of the many taverns that still exist. But I could not get across. I could 11 years later and I turned eagerly to. To see where and how those people lived in the legends had been subsisting. My imagination had rioted in, because of my teacher’s words.

I saw where they were meeting, where they were working. I saw, Aghios Panteleimon’s reverse sanctum, the alleys and the paths. A normal functioning medieval castle exists there until nowadays. That Spinalonga is.

I visited again on 14 years ago. But, then not a lot of people was crossing to the other side. Today, Spinalonga has become very famous. The name became even more famous because of the Victoria’s Hislop book, "The Island" (“To Nissi”) which was filmed and became an equally successful series for the Greek TV channel, "Mega." This pushed the reputation of Spinalonga soaring.

Now, Tsoklis’s intervention makes a new place of modern civilization for sure. The history of the island belongs to Crete, Greece, Europe and the World. It has to do with medicine, has to do with sociology, tourism, geography...

It's worth it. It’s a historic and contemporary value.

Note: The photos are from the website: spinalonga.eu

Δευτέρα, 4 Ιουνίου 2012

The heart of Crete beats in Matala

Five times last year with some of the top names in Greek and international scene, "Matala Festival 2012" opened its doors on Saturday.The legendary beach of Matala that is part of the global movement of the flower children came alive again yesterday. Filled with people, colors and music to be the second festival marks the beginning of summer. Hippies from around the world found in the previous period even in Matala and yesterday became one of the countless visitors. Blaring music in various bands rotate continuously keeping the mood steady pumping. More than 25 major concerts, large organized Beach Bars, Evening Beach Parties, musical sets by renowned producers, musical performances, theatrical performances and 4 outdoor laboratories. This three-day Matala cover all ages and all interests and promise 3 days and 3 nights literally full. It is the first festival in Greece with free entrance for the public in all his concerts. It has more than 140 television channels worldwide and reported more than 50,000 times in international journals. The curtain of the great colorful celebration falls tomorrow and an appointment is automatically renewed for next summer is always a background of the hippy caves.

Source: www.neakriti.gr

Note: The picture has been taken by my friend Eleni Sakaraki. Thank you Eleni!

A Cretan girl by his side ... James Bond

After Tonia Sotiropoulou another Greek from Crete and indeed will star in new film James Bond! Her name is Lena Kaloutsaki (photo) comes from Heraklion and will also travel to Hollywood for the premiere of the highly anticipated James Bond film titled "Skyfall". The premiere of the film in theaters will be held on November 9. A few days ago she was filming in Istanbul where she plays a tourist. The beautiful actress told the newspaper "Espresso" about her experience."I lived a unique experience," he said and continued: "There was tremendous organization in the shooting ... Could not get through to anyone who 's the place where pieces of the film shot. Everyone who participated had a special green badge in hand. Addressing the workshop towards everyone was equal. Despite the fact that shooting started in the morning and lasted till night, thanks to the excellent organization there was not exhaustive. The film had two directors, and there were only three stuntman for Daniel Craig. We all worked like it was a party. They lived the most of every moment. "

Source: newsit.gr

“Essi o telephteos lepros” ("You the last leper.")

Inaugurated Sunday in the art Spinalonga-exposure intervention Costas Tsoklis (right at the second picture below), “Essi o telephteos lepros” ("You the last leper.")- View of Spinalonga with the characteristic spot of the intervention, at the first picture below.

Welcoming Prefect of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis (speaking man at the picture below) said-among the others: "With great excitement and expectation, I am with you today at the historic archaeological site of Spinalonga. Fort, who was in the last 500 years, "theater" material facts inherent in the great adventure of the island of Crete, this unique site, surrounding us around, from the top of Oxas in Elounda, till the hard rocks above the t’ agnanti plate and the sea of ​​the lines of Sitia mountains - sometimes faint and sometimes brilliant as now, to define the look in their "own" our East.

The island of Spinalonga, preferentially located on the sea side a water-beauty-epic landscape, undoubtedly strategic advantages at times hard and direct contact with the surface was the dominant representatives of the Serene Republic of Venice in the 16th century, the crucial point chose to work with wonderful commemoration of the unique fortification architecture.
From the time of delivery of the Ottomans in 1715 and until 1898, has experienced successive phases of abandonment and acne, going to host the 19th century the settlement of up to 1100 people. But in the later history of the years of the twentieth century, from 1903 to 1957, was a leper colony, that place patients and exclusion tragic late residence pain and suffering of hundreds of fellow citizens who condemned the tragic fate of having the "sacred disease" of the season, Hansen's disease.
During the 20th century, a period filled with wars and totalitarianism, even while the Nazi death machine plague they set to extermination camps in all occupied countries transforming cities everywhere peaceful landscapes of hell, here in this small fortified island, those traverser the gate, they had no way back. (...).
In this silent memory of this place, to Spinalonga, an important archaeological site and already nominated the Region of Crete for the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO, came today to inaugurate a great work of art, an art installation, an interactive spatial gesture that composition and treatment were the result of intellectual inspiration, body fatigues and diverse expression of Costas Tsokli, a great Greek and international artists and zealot declared the Word in all its manifestations.

The feeling of Costas Tsokli, vision as a composer today is not the answer to the political and social issues of our time. The artist does not convey messages, positions and makes no predictions. He is the man who tries to talk to goodhood to offer us communion in the area of ​​magic and the elevation of the human condition. His work attempts to install even with the ephemeral deeply personal, intellectual and sometimes 'automatic' art of writing, the mood and empathic understanding of another attempt. Here is this worth all that illuminates the human creativity, all that can motivate us, to form fields dynamically load and emotional feeling, to produce "meaningful places". The art of Tsokli, wants to build links with the truth, to oppose obvious to oblivion and the realization that brings the time and managed to link us to the hidden but substantial "face value" of our universe, which praise the existence and can to everyday moral epanathemelionei our universe. (...)
Try to hear the whispers of the wind while straddling the Aforesmenos’ lighthouse dusting and feed them with dry stone walls in her bosom, Elounda. Here in Crete, in the womb of the earth Zeus, who gave birth to the gods and El Greco and Cornaro, look so to find the signs and traces that moved early look and the later years in the inspirations of the great Cretan Renaissance. And he walked the streets that crossed over the years, Venizelos and Kazantzakis, overlooking the peaks that rebels hid in the possession of freedom, going to towns and villages that summer sang in musical Manos Hadjidakis and Theodorakis, below the Cretan possible light who greeted fondly eternal deposits excavated by Plato and Sakellarakis. On the island of Spinalonga, which Venetians fortified great builders and engineers, who hosted the fear in later years of the Ottoman and end with tears notisan abundant and dignity-that more silence and respect of our match-always the residents of a state of pain, alive by crossing their own Acherousia.

Dear friends, we invite everyone to join and browse the Spinalonga with your visual approach, reading and understanding the historical archaeological site with special care for 17 years has restore the Byzantine Antiquities 13th and the contraction of the arts Costas Tsokli work. Having always believed that there is no single-mode intake and evaluation for an artistic event like this will evolve in front of us until October. Unique vehicle is the artist's free will to serve it and his vision is for us to become socially and partners to that of the deposit. (...)

Κυριακή, 3 Ιουνίου 2012

Thank you with a snapshot from Rethymnon

I'd like to thank all of you that you have visited my first blog since now. I will try - among the others - to write down my experiences and my impressions, living in my island Crete. May be you will consider about.
 I start from this picture of Venetian Port of Rethymnon, taken in August 2010. Backround is the venetian lighthouse. There is another characteristical one, in Chania, but that's another story.
Venetian Port of Rethymnon is a rest point. You can enjoy your coffee, refreshment,lunch or dinner so much that you don't want to leave...
It's small,warm and exciting. You,visitor of Crete, there are so many such points in Crete. Never say. "I met the island". You never will. Because Crete is endless. That's why we just make suggestions. You only have to choose. You know, even we live in this unique island, never "met" it completely. We are still exploring... Have a nice stay.

 Nico Angelakis

Σάββατο, 2 Ιουνίου 2012

Unique Vai

The palm beach of Vai (Greek: Βάι) is one of the largest attractions of the Mediterranean island of Crete. It features the largest natural palm forest in Europe, made up of Cretan Date Palm (Phoenix theophrasti).
For tourism Vai was discovered at the end of the 1970s by the last Hippies who fled the hot-spots Matala and Preveli. At the beginning of the 1980s Vai was full of backpacker tourists from the whole world, leading to a mixture of chaotic campground and garbage dump. Vai was enclosed and declared as a protected area. The unique forest recovered, the beach became clean.
The palm beach, which belongs to the Moni Toplou, is the touristic center of East Crete, with thousands of visitors each year. Vai lies close to Palekastro, Sitia and the Dionysades islands. (source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vai_%28Crete%29)

Don't fight,support

In order to revive greek tourism, we should not fight those who fight it. We must each of us and together support it. Dare to make a first step with a photo of the beautiful Loutro in Sfakia Chania. 
Have a nice day.